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Pumpkin Seed, Pistachio and Sunflower Seed Wholemeal Loaf

What looks more impressive than a well-baked wholemeal loaf? One packed with nutritious nuts and seeds! I’ve been wanting to bake something like this for a while, but I finally found the inspiration when visiting a local restaurant who served … Continue reading

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Allergen Information

If you regularly read labels of food packets, you may have noticed a slight change to the ingredients list over the past few months. Due to a change in legislation put in place on 13th December 2014, it’s now required … Continue reading

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Pecan Shorties – Guest Recipe

Today we had our first guest contribution to, from Stef at The Sugar Kitchen! Pecan Shorties are super simple to make, taste great, and will have everyone asking for more! Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 15-20 minutes Servings: 20 shorties

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Easy Dark Chocolate Brownies

Our last recipe, cherry chocolate brownies, was a hit! I still had some ingredients left over so I decided I would make some super simple dark chocolate brownies. The method is slightly different to our cherry brownies, but I think I … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

We’re back! Having just moved in to our new flat, and after an internet-less first week, we’re ready to start baking again. I’m still getting used to using a fan assisted oven for the first time too! As the melt … Continue reading

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Melt in the Middle Cookies

As followers of the Facebook Page are fully aware, we baked delicious melt in the middle chocolate chip cookies for our recipe this week. They were fun and easy to make, looked impressive and, more importantly, tasted great. These … Continue reading

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Now on Facebook!

As a few of you may now know, there is a brand new Facebook page dedicated to! It’s only been active for a little while and it’s been more successful than I originally imagined. I’ll be regularly updating the … Continue reading

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Wild Blackberry Pie

After a long break, I’m back to baking. Keeping the theme of my last recipe, I’ve decided to cook up a lovely deep-purple blackberry pie. We’d picked about two kilograms of wild blackberries in August last year and they’d been sat … Continue reading

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Sorry I’ve been away!

It’s been a little while since I posted anything on my blog. 5 months to be specific. This is mainly due to lack of motivation, time and commitment. This being said, I’ll be making a real push in to getting … Continue reading

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Homemade Apple Pie Recipe

What’s a better way to spend an afternoon than baking fresh apple pie? Nothing! I often hear people shy away from making sweet pies thinking that they need to be an expert baker to yield good results – they couldn’t … Continue reading

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